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Complimentary Invitation: WorldHostingDays Australia 2015

Total Executive have complimentary tickets for you and your colleagues, friends and peers to attend WorldHostingDays 2015.

We'd like to invite you to attend WHD.australia for FREE as our guest.
Last year we had a great contingency of Total Executive members and the feedback was excellent.
WHD.australia takes place on August 25th, 2015 in the Crystal Palace at Luna Park, Sydney for the fourth year running.
It is a great venue for learning all the latest

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Why is policing salespeople via CRM an ineffective policy? - Robert Heaton – Senior Partner, Aspire Group

Recently Peter Strohkorb interviewed Rob Heaton about collaboration and technology.

Peter chatted with Rob Heaton who until recently managed Sales Enablement at Cisco, and who is now a Senior Partner at the Aspire Group.

We had a healthy discussion about the future of Sales and Marketing Collaboration and in particular how CRM fits into the strategy.

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Do CRMs Put Our People Last?

First a caveat: I have nothing against technology, in fact, I am a big fan of it and believe that it has delivered great benefits to humankind. This article is about the WAY that it is often implemented, not about the technology per se, because human nature is such that anything that is imposed on us will initially be resisted, or even become outrightly rejected.

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Have you developed a 5 year IT plan?

Every business which uses technology should invest in a 5-year information technology (IT) plan. A long-term plan will serve as your guide to making the strategic IT investments and decisions needed to achieve more revenue and reduce the cost of keeping the lights on.

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Crossing the Digital Divide - The Next Hurdle for Boards

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Is there any aspect of your daily life and business that is not significantly affected by digital technology? Not likely. Just think about all the ways that digital is integrated into your own daily routine. The ever-growing digital wave is washing over just about every facet of our personal and organizational lives, our consumer experiences, and across every industry and sector in its impact on business models and processes.

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