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Entries in Responsible Leadership 2010 (51)


Luncheon with Michael Ullmer - Deputy CEO, NAB discussing the Role of CSR in driving Long Term Shareholder Value

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Australian German Association luncheon where Michael Ullmer was key speaker.

You may recall an interview I did with Michael on responsible leadership last year as shown here

Michael discussed with our intimate group of senior executives about how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has a long term impact in driving shareholder value.

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Responsible Leadership is about Creating a Legacy - Paul Thorley - CEO, Capgemini Australia and New Zealand

Yesterday I met up with Paul Thorley, Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini Australia and New Zealand, the local subsidiary of Capgemini Group, one of the world's largest technology, consulting and outsourcing services companies.

We discussed Paul's thoughts on responsible leadership and Paul explained that he believes responsible leadership has a lot to do with sustainability in its broader definition, that is not just about being green.

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Responsible leadership is also about creating a legacy. Responsible leadership leaves behind something stronger and better,

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Dr Bob Every, Chairman - Boral and Wesfarmers talks about Responsible Leadership

Yesterday I met with Dr Bob Every, Chairman of Boral and Wesfarmers.

We have written an article on Bob's thoughts about leadership previously that you can read here

Today we spoke specifically about the element of Responsible Leadership.

Bob covered many points including the common elements that responsible leaders need to be responsible to all stakeholders and look towards the long term.

Bob also covered interesting concepts like how Wesfarmers, with over 200,000 staff are working towards improving aboriginal lives through employment options.

Bob also talked about the importance of philanthropy - particularly with sectors like the arts.

Another area Bob discussed was that businesses need to make a decision on where they stand in regard to key issues like climate change and make a stand on them and communicate and debate their point of view.

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Another Directors Report by Grant Crossley


Driving Innovation in the Legal system through Responsible Leadership - An Interview with John Denton

Recently I caught up with John Denton who is the Partner and CEO of Corrs Chambers Westgarth, one of Australia’s leading commercial law firms.

John has had an interesting life that has been formative in his movement into leadership.

In his previous career as a diplomat he worked in three autocratic states: The Soviet Union, Bangladesh and Iraq. In this way, John learned that a future in law required an essence of democracy. The concept of participation in society with a healthy, functional democracy moved close to the left hand side of his chest.

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It's all about influence rather than command control - Interview with Les Williamson - CEO Cisco Australia

Recently I caught up with Les Williamson, CEO of Cisco Australia. Les has been a confidante for many years and what we wanted to discuss is the concept of Responsible Leadership and the thoughts Les has on the subject.

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