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Have you found that society is more goal driven than character driven?

It is not unusual for people to ask me: “How do I know what I really want in life?”In a world of endless options and opportunities, it is easy to end up doing what you don’t like, working for people who don’t inspire you, and failing to reach any level of satisfaction in our personal, financial, or spiritual lives. I have always known about the importance of goal setting, and yet I have ended up in places I never thought I would, simply because I failed to follow the steps below.

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Are you familiar with Tu-Share - Created by James Moody?

I have known James for many years now from when he was at The New Inventors and CSIRO and shares my interest in responsible leadership.

Since leaving CSIRO and helping to raise his new family James has been creating Tu-Share.

TuShare allows you to share the things you no longer need with your friends. In return you can find useful items for free or just the cost of postage.

Over 4 trillion kilograms of waste is sent to landfill each year. Sadly this is made up of a lot of really useful items like clothes, toys and books. Imagine if we could do something useful with them.

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Why not get started via their website or app today.

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Social Enterprise - Should we be Suspicious of Philanthro-Capitalism?

Dr Michael Edwards from Coady International discusses in this video what all that are well connected have considered at one time or another in our new world of Philanthro-Capitalism... Will is work? Should we be Suspicious?

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The Black and White Book of Business 02 2013

Responsible Leadership is much more than Corporate Social Responsibility as explained here

The Black and White Book of Business 01 2013

CHAPTER 1: Responsibility and Values

Successful business of our future have two choices...
  • Responsible
  • Irresponsible
Which will you choose?
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