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Latest Research - Green IT Performance Internationally

Recently I caught up with Graeme Philipson - founder of Connection Research to discuss research he had conducted for Fujitsu on the present and future of Green IT - what is the Global Benchmark?

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Campaign Monitor insights

Here is an interesting newsletter from Campaign Monitor that provides some valuable information...


Campaign Monitor June Newsletter

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Updated charts
Now that seemingly every designer and his dog has an iPhone or iPad, we've updated our campaign reports to look sharp on these devices and still look awesome for everyone else. Find out how how we rebuilt our charts without Flash and watch our demo videodemonstrating new tooltips and touch-screen support. Now, everyone can see how addictive our reports can be!
Little Rivet Jeans
From little pairs of jeans to big brands, our email design gallery has it all this month. We couldn't help but adore the pastel colors and personality in email newsletters by Little Rivet (pictured) and Bride Buzz, while still loving the structured, corportate cool of USPS, Nvision, Electrolux and Bernstein&Andriulli. To see these designs and more, get on your trike and roll to our email design gallery.
Background images
Looking for a safe way to add a background image to your email newsletters? The threat of popular email clients like Outlook and Gmail ignoring them have caused designers to shy from their use... Until now. With our simple, 2-step walkthrough and CSS/HTML code examples, find out how you can make your newsletter'sbackground image display in most email clients.
@media query
Our love affair with ping pong began with the arrival of our first table back in 2006. Then, the team was simply a handful of folks with a few ideas on how to spin a ball over the net. As the team grew, so did the number of tables... And the tech behind it. Now, we've got an arena with dedicated touch-screen TV and scoring app. Have we taken our love of ping pong too far? You tell us!


iPad screenshot

Design & spam testing, now featuring the iPad!

Plus, we've updated our tests to make them faster to review, easier to use and better value.

Custom fields

Adding state & country fields to your forms

Easily target your subscribers by location with our updated custom fields.

Create Stunning HTML Email

The must-have email design book, now digital

Download 'Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!' for your iPad or Kindle.

Optimize your email for mobile with a few lines of simple CSS
Are you one of the countless smartphone users that gets frustrated when reading email on your handset? The good news is that you can easily tailor your newsletters for the small screen by using the@media query. With iPhone email client usage reported to have risen by almost 129% last year, there's no doubt your subscribers will appreciate it! Find out how to create mobile-friendly email.
We've added additional mobile devices to our design tests. You can now view screenshots of your email campaign on popular handsets running iPhone OS3, Symbian S60 Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro, alongside 20+ major web, desktop and mobile email clients! That means more comprehensive results, more opportunity to optimize your newsletter and better value for you and your clients.
Given that we have customers in 187 countries worldwide, there's a good chance that you, or your subscribers send email campaigns in a language other than English. The good news is that we're not selective about what character set you use, plus we've even translated our preference center and forward-to-a-friend pages for you! Here's some pointers on sending non-English campaigns.
In this case study, we look into how Vector Media Group has been able to build on their clients' existing email marketing strategy to deliver high-performing campaigns. To find out more regarding Vector Media's approach to measuring value and the challenges that designers face when selling email campaigns, check out this case study.
We've teamed up with our friends at Squarespace, Woo Themes and Metalab to raise money for the rescue of animals that have been affected by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. If you would like to support theNational Wildlife Federation in protecting wildlife and their habitats, kindly donate at For every dollar you give, we'll match it up to $35,000.

You honestly haven't had enough of the vuvuzela. Go on, you're loving it.
- The Campaign Monitor team

Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce

Malcolm has a lot of insights. This video discusses marketing principles and research through using the product spaghettie sauce.

Its not about finding the right product for all customers - it'sabout finding various products for lots of different customers - or maybe even 3 groups of customers

Quite entertaining and a great way for leading brands to generate new revenue and profits...


Innovation in Marketing - Roger James, Chairman - Australian Marketing Institute

Over the years I have interviewed and arranged interviews with many leaders about their thoughts on leadership, innovation, performance and profits. Here is an interview from several years ago that is still relevant from Roger James...

One of the common criticisms of marketing is that marketers spend too much time trying to foist new products on a public that may not really need another widget. Marketers will reply that they are only trying to satisfy needs, a central tenet of marketing. Yet if marketing is soundly-based on research, why do so many new products fail?

The answer lies in the complexity of the human species and the fact that sometimes we don't know what will satisfy, please or entertain us until we see it. Indeed, novelty in a product or in an advertisement can be the source of appeal as much as changing wants and needs.

That's why innovation measures are a key part of the AMI's Australian Marketing Metrics project. At both an organisational and an individual level, innovation metrics will address factors such as active support for innovation, the encouragement of an appetite for learning and "freedom to fail".

A good marketer will closely monitor consumer behaviour, but will also think laterally from time to time, to bring an idea out of left field. Good marketing and innovation go hand in hand.

Roger James FAMI CPM, Chairman,
Australian Marketing Institute


Home Phones Still Essential for Low Income Earners

Almost seventy five percent of people on a low income still consider their home telephone their most important service with many relying on it for job hunting and social support, according to a survey by Telstra.

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