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Addressing Negativity at Work

Do you work with individuals who are continually critical, negative  and resistant to change? And for some reason, it often tends to be staff who have been at the workplace for a long time. (Though, in defence of senior staff, they have often seen it all before and feel confident enough to speak up). 

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Who is in charge of your career?

How to drive your career forward...

Many managers and leaders ask me for advice on what type of professional development they should be undertaking to improve both their performance in their current role but also support their longer term career aspirations. It is important to understand that your leadership development needs are different at key transition points in your career.

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How Do You Manage Your Rising Stars?

The 'Rising Star' - Do you embrace or fear them?

It is fascinating when you witness the behaviour of managers toward your career advancement. They can help or hinder you. It is only now when I look back at my career path that I think, maybe I was a Rising Star. I never thought it at the time. Some managers were amazing and saw my potential well beyond what I could see. Others feared and were threatened by me. It was remarkable to watch. The resulting outcomes and impact were career changing. However I have been fortunate enough to have a number of wonderful bosses particularly early on in my career. Three shaped me. I give thanks to them.

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5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership, No Matter Your Style – 2 min video

Inspiring greatness is all about leading by example. The best leaders have these habits in common.

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What are the elements of today's business leader?

How would you answer this question?...
KEY QUESTION: What ideal skills and characteristics do you think a leader should have to be successful in today’s business?

At a recent leadership program in Singapore where half of the participants were Asians and half were non-Asians, one of the topics we discussed was “leading in Asian contexts.” The participants debated which approaches and styles were best to lead diverse Asian cultures in fast changing business and social environments.

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