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Development in the Australian and Global Economies - a Luncheon with Philip Lowe - Deputy Governor of the RBA

Last week I had the pleasure of attending another Australian German Association (AGA) where Philip Lowe was Keynote Speaker.

As always the AGA luncheons are a pleasure given they are intimate with high level attendants. Given the quality of attendants, Chatham house rules prohibits publishing of all discussed, though the top level discussion is still very interesting...

Firstly Philip discussed how there has been a change in the world relevant crisis for Australia.

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The NEW Culture of Business

Culture for NEW Business

Culture is your key to long term success - much more powerful than strategy

How are you finding influencers / measuring results / recruiting the right people, etc?

Are you considering CULTURE?

As we move beyond 2011 and forge new directions beyond 2012 it is time for Australian's to look at what will be the NEW culture of business beyond 2020.

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Will Germany leave the Euro?

This week I had the pleasure of Maurice Newman's company - Chairman of the ABC

Amongst friends of the Australian German Association, Maurice provided a future that most people are not considering with Europe...

Discussing with those who attended the lunch, many had disbelief with what Maurice was discussing... though let's hypothetically consider the possible future painted that revolves around...


  • Greece defaults and exits the EURO
  • Germany consider a new life outside of the EURO


Maurice started his story with that old story from the USofA about 'Kicking the Can'.

Kicking the Can used to represent the innocent child kicking a can down the road as a form of play. Now the media and other social networks have presented the kicking of the can as a neverending corporate and government refusal to accept the inevitable. Because the inevitable is hard poison (or medicine) to accept - it is easier to just keep kicking - rather than face the facts.

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Latest Total Executive Newsletter

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Tom Gorman - CEO Brambles - Leading an International Organisation

Yesterday I enjoyed a luncheon with the Australian German Association where Tom Gorman, CEO of Brambles was key speaker.

His topic of conversation was "One Company, 50 Countries: Leading a Multinational Organisation"

Now I haven't mentioned this before - though the food at AGA luncheons is always impeccable - as you would expect from the Union, Universities and Schools Club on Bent St

So while we were enjoying our crispy fish, Tom filled us in on his thoughts. He started by explaining his history stems from New York with an education at Harvard - so please don't hate me.

Fair call, given how Aussie's tend to give Yankees and Harvard alumni a bit of a hard time - unless they have ventured there themselves.

So Tom began by saying his speech had been impacted by the recent global adjustments - stocks and riots.

As Tom explains via the old Chinese curse:

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