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The Leadership Contract - The route to extraordinary leadership...

Recently I caught up with a Total Executive Member - Sebastian who is a business and performance psychologist.

In discussing leadership, Sebastian provided an insight into his forthcoming publication - The Leadership Contract.

To receive a forward excerpt of The Leadership contract and engage the author please contact us HERE

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Directors Report - Is Policy our RoadMap? - A presentation by Graham J Kraehe AO

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Australian German Association luncheon where Graham Kraehe AO was key speaker.
Many of you will be familiar with Graham from his success in various businesses that have lead him to Chairman of Bluescope Steel and Brambles.
Graham had a speech prepared previous to the national government launch of the 'Carbon Tax' that has been recently acknowledged by government. However, given his involvement with the latest government announcements Graham made the discussion of carbon an extended part of his conversation.

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Hargraves Conference 2011 - Impact & Inspire through Innovation Leadership & Transformation

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Hargraves Conference 2011

As sponsors, Total Executive benefited from personal discussions with many Hargraves members.

Many members outlined how Hargraves have now moved into a new realm.

Over 200 senior executives attended. The core message taken from the conference is:

Australian business leaders need to maintain courage to lead their organisations forward and embrace the challenge of remaining innovative.

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Hargraves Conference 2011 Overview

This week I have been enjoying the Hargraves Institute Conference 2011.

This year the focus was:

Step up and transform your approach and your business to lead and thrive in the world as it is today

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I would like to congratulate the key speaker at their gala dinner - Dawson Ko.

Dawson Ko (right) and comedian Anh Do

Dawson Ko has had a very interesting life since starting to lose his sight at age 15, he has been totally blind since 20.

Dawson explained about his ups and downs - a road often traveled by people on the road to success.

TaiChi became a solution that was quickly converted to Karate.

Dawson has an acute sense of humour and originally asked those who suggested he change to karate if they were mad given he could not see.

Dawson progressed to number three in his black belt karate category worldwide - competing against people who had full vision.

Despite success in sport, Dawson found it hard to get a job.

So Dawson talked to other blind people and asked what they wanted.

The result was starting a fashion website for the blind - Fashionable Eye for the Blind Guy and Gal - a great success.

More recently, Dawson gathered support for projects he has been developing through 'Secret Millionaire'.

View the video Here

(NB: If prompted the password to view the video is dawson)

Dawson is providing talks with Australian students (Year 10 in particular - when he started to lose his sight)

To engage Dawson for a presentation at a school near you contact us


Responsible Leadership is about Creating a Legacy - Paul Thorley - CEO, Capgemini Australia and New Zealand

Yesterday I met up with Paul Thorley, Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini Australia and New Zealand, the local subsidiary of Capgemini Group, one of the world's largest technology, consulting and outsourcing services companies.

We discussed Paul's thoughts on responsible leadership and Paul explained that he believes responsible leadership has a lot to do with sustainability in its broader definition, that is not just about being green.

Image Source

Responsible leadership is also about creating a legacy. Responsible leadership leaves behind something stronger and better,

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