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What would a new competitor need to do to gain a large market share of wealth? - Graham Hand 

Graham recently published this article to the Total Executive LinkedIn group...“Even well-meaning gatekeepers slow innovation. When a platform is self-service, even the improbable ideas can get tried, because there’s no expert gatekeeper ready to say ‘that will never work!’ And guess what – many of those improbable ideas do work, and society is the beneficiary of that diversity. I see the elimination of gatekeepers everywhere.”

Jeff Bezos, quoted in The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, page 315.

“Spend the vast majority of your time thinking about product and platform. Many large, successful companies started with the following:

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Join the Total Executive team at Amplify Festival

Join the Total Executive team at Amplify Festival

Australia's top business innovation event - AMP's Amplify Festival - will be held in Sydney and Melbourne 1-5 June

At this year’s Amplify Festival you’ll hear from 30+ speakers including Microsoft's Dan Goldstein, Genevieve Bell from Intel Labs on the future economy, Glenn Martin, inventor of the first commercial jetpack, Lorna Ross from the Mayo Clinic on new thinking in healthcare and the Bitcoin Foundation’s Jon Matonis on the future of money. The festival also features talks, panels, breakfasts, and much more.

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Your experiences at Amplify Festival will help you shape your business strategy and create the change required to future proof your organisation.

To celebrate the release of this year’s Amplify Festival program, we have a special offer for Total Executive members:

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50 years of bringing brilliant ideas from lab to market

Hebrew University’s tech-transfer company, Yissum, partners with the likes of J&J, P&G, Merck, Roche, Novartis, Microsoft, Intel, Coca-Cola and Monsanto

The many groundbreaking products that came out of the labs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) – including the blockbuster drugs Exelon and Doxil, as well as the hardy cherry tomato – may never have moved from academia to market without Yissum Research Development Company, founded in February 1964 to protect and commercialize HUJI’s intellectual property.

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Having a good idea is only a fraction of what is required to succeed

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Save 70% on Hargraves Institute Leadership for Innovation Program

Total Executive have a special offer for members who want to attend the Hargraves Institute Leadership for Innovation program.

Leadership for Innovation will assist in a voyage of discovery to maximise your leadership potential. It incorporates elements that helps new leaders discover their skills and gives them the tools they need to elevate their effectiveness.

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