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Can outsourcing innovation work?

Is strategic outsourcing the answer to internal innovation doldrums?

When should companies try to come up with new ideas themselves- and when should they give the job to outside experts?

It's a question many companies are facing these days. As budgets tighten, businesses are outsourcing research and development and the creation of new products as a way to slash costs, speed development time and tap into top talent outside the company.

But it can be tough to strike the right balance between internal and external efforts at innovation. How much outsourcing is too much, or too little? What amount produces the best results?

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With the increasing impact of global megatrends such as urbanisation, demographic change, climate change and globalisation in our region of the world, there are many challenges and opportunities to be addressed.

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Let Your Vision Drive Innovation

Visionaries are the true drivers of innovation.

The late Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and the newcomers such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are visionaries first. Innovations are the results of their visions.

It is their vision that gives the impetus to innovation. In fact in most cases, the word

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How to Become a Small Business Leader

This article from the Boston Consulting Group provides some great research insights on how to stay ahead of the curve...
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What innovation means to the auto industry...

What's clapping got to do with innovation in the car industry? And why can't I drive a truly zero-emission car from production right through to recycling, today?

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