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6 YouSendIt Lessons for Increasing Customer Conversion Rates

But there’s more to conversion than hoping that someone will ask you to dance. That realization, combined with practical applications of direct response marketing, is what has helped YouSendIt, which lets people send large files, to increase its conversion rate by 200 percent to 300 percent. A phone conversation with CEO Ivan Koon offered lessons for companies that are heavy on tech but less savvy on the necessary direct marketing.

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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - Guide To Launching A New Website

Haven't re-designed your website for over 3 years? Not taking advantage of latest technology? Want to re-design your site? Make sure you read this article - to ensure people can find you...

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How Your Domain Names Affect Search Engine Optimisation

Here is a good article about the future of businesses online in relation to domain names. Get ready - the whole industry is about to change as we start to see domain names like, etc These domains will affect your ratings in the likes of Google In the meantime .com and are most important

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