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How our Future Leaders look at Responsible Leadership - An Interview With Mike Wynter

Today I met with Mike Wynter - founder of Logical Creativity - a company which supports many leading organisations with staff development.

Our discussion was about responsible leadership.

Mike began by saying "It is a rare business leader who finds value in humanity and giving back to the community... unless they can find some monetary value in it."

Mike believes the best leaders incorporate responsibility and community engagement as part of their mindset - as their business values.

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As we have moved on in society from the basics of Maslow and the basics of survival, we now live in Australia in a world of abundance. However, so many people still tend to follow the actions of others that make money rather than those that are focussed on working sustainably.

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Directors Report - What Responsible Leadership means to The Education Sector

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Last week I caught up with Neil Shilbury, CEO of Kaplan Australia.

For those of you not familiar with Kaplan in Australia, they are part of a US$2.6 billion revenue global educational business serving over 1 million students each year. In Australia Kaplan provides skills in many fields from financial services to degree qualifications. Kaplan is owned by The Washington Post Company.

I spoke with Neil about what responsible leadership means to him?

Neil explained, responsible leadership encompasses so many things. If you look at responsible leadership in education it will have similarities across many other fields.

Responsible leadership encompasses so many areas for business. How are you responsible financially, providing product at the highest level, a safe environment for staff, providing staff development options, engaging clients with good ethics that are high in integrity, morally responsible and looking towards their longer term.

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Directors Report - Responsible Leadership in the Development of Staff improves many aspects of business - Kristen Hansen

Recently I met with Kristen Hansen. Kristen has been working in sales management positions for companies like News Limited, Fairfax, Bonds and Calidad for over twenty years. She now also works as an Executive Coach and trainer specialising in sales leadership.

Kristen contacted me as she has a strong interest in responsible leadership - particularly in the development of staff.

What we discussed is the development of individuals potential and the influence of the new field ofsocial cognitive neuroscience.

Responsible leaders stretch their staff to achieve as much as possible. Coaching and mentoring is a big part of the process in achieving this.

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What Is A Good Website Conversion Rate for Your Business?

Conversion rates online will depend on your business. If you are a corporate selling to enterprise and every lead you get has an average conversion rate of 40-50% worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - this can't be compared with a business that has hundreds of thousands of sales of a few dollars but only converts 1 in 10. This article gives you what you should measure...

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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - Guide To Launching A New Website

Haven't re-designed your website for over 3 years? Not taking advantage of latest technology? Want to re-design your site? Make sure you read this article - to ensure people can find you...

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