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What work environment makes everyone perform to the best of their ability?


How to Write Effective Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - Articles for Your Blog

This is a great article about the simple elements you need to maintain blog content Not only will it help your SEO - Search Engine Optimisation It will also help you engage your clients

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Here is a world of competition - online...


Martha Bejar: Driving a 3 Billion Dollar Microsoft Business

Why do over 31,000 people view this video?

Is it because Martha...

As corporate vice president for the Communications Sector, Martha Béjar is responsible for setting Microsoft's strategy and driving the sales and marketing of solutions and services for telecommunications, hosting, and media and entertainment companies. The Communications Sector works with service and content providers around the globe, addressing the specific needs of wireline and wireless telecommunications companies, cable operators, hosting service providers, and media and entertainment organizations.  A veteran telecommunications industry executive, Martha bring a wealth of experience, the ability to drive and support innovation, and a strong track record of leadership with one the world's leading communications companies.  Meet Martha as she tells us about her diverse career, Latin background, and what it’s like to be the “new kid” on the block among the Microsoft execs. 

But - if Martha put this video on youtube - what would be the number of views?

Unique 'Total Executive' Benefits when studying Information & Communications Technology (ICT) with Open Universities Australia


Who is Serendipter - Keynote Session By Business Leadership Speaker Glenn Llopis

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