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Hydroxyls - Decontaminating and Purifying your Business

Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occuring compounds and the single most important cleansing agent in nature.

Hydroxyls can be produced to help decontaminate and purify businesses.

The process used is simplified below...

Contaminated air is directed into the chamber where ambient humidity and multiple nanometer wavelengths and frequencies combine to create an oxidizing formula and produce hydroxyls.

The quartz crystal optics are finely tuned to deodorize air flow, eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms, and produce hydroxyl molecules.

The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further decontaminate surfaces & contents.

Total Executive represent the company that has just started to distribute this technology in Australia.

To learn more how this innovative process can help your business, with case studies and independent lab tests along with a complimentary no obligation consultation simply contact our founder here or +61408844009

View a video explaining the history of the company who are leading the world in this industry with the amazing technology that is now available in Australia here:


Are you familiar with Tu-Share - Created by James Moody?

I have known James for many years now from when he was at The New Inventors and CSIRO and shares my interest in responsible leadership.

Since leaving CSIRO and helping to raise his new family James has been creating Tu-Share.

TuShare allows you to share the things you no longer need with your friends. In return you can find useful items for free or just the cost of postage.

Over 4 trillion kilograms of waste is sent to landfill each year. Sadly this is made up of a lot of really useful items like clothes, toys and books. Imagine if we could do something useful with them.

You can learn more about how it works here

Why not get started via their website or app today.

To learn more contact our founder Grant Crossley here


Chicken feathers to reduce plastic waste

Chicken feathers could be the backbone of the next major plastics revolution, according to a US research team. Every year in the US, industrial poultry farms produce about 2 million tonnes of feathers, most of which end up as waste. At the same time, the world is facing a growing mound of discarded plastic.

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Driving Change By Rachel Sullivan

Transport emissions account for a significant - and rising - percentage of greenhouse gases. Despite their environmental impact and the recognition of the need to reduce transport emissions, cutting them is a challenge for policymakers, partly because car ownership is symbolic of wealth and success in modern societies, and because globalisation and international trade have resulted in a substantial increase in freight transport around the globe. Both play a key role in the huge increase in emissions in recent decades.

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Virgin Oceanic surfaces

Richard Branson, explorer Chris Welsh and Virgin Oceanic are set to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Virgin Oceanic has announced plans to take a solo piloted submarine to the deepest points in each of the world's five oceans - the first time such a feat has ever been attempted.

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