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Look after your staff - pay them well

Bnet provide some ideas here on why it is important to look after your star employees


Is it a Good or a Bad time for Executive Transfer

This week I met with James Allen - MD of Stanton Chase International in Australia and we discussed the future of executive search firms.

In his field, business can be quite sporadic. You can have limited work for a period, then all of a sudden business can develop significantly

James tends to specialise personally in the mining and manufacturing sectors, so given the upheaval currently happening in those sectors as a result of the strong Australian dollar, international economy instability in Europe and the US and having a minority government influenced by The Greens and Independents - he is personally experiencing the trials and tribulations of a sector that are going through a bit of turmoil.

That can be good and bad for a executive search firm. When people are retrenched they are not always replaced. When there is mass redundancy, a glut of talent may suddenly be available.

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The importance of networking at the Executive Level


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With a tightening job market numerous job seekers have increased their networking endeavours with the hope of tapping into the hidden job market, where 70-80% of unadvertised opportunities are located.

While networking should be an integral part of your search (and overall career management) efforts there are some secrets which can make a significant difference between not really generating much success and the potential for networking burnout in comparison to building influential and productive relationships that open the doors to potential job opportunities.

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How to attract Talent whilst Building your Business

The next 9 years will see a drastically changing landscape in Australia in terms of the power Employers have in attracting and retaining talent. It’s fair to say that power is drastically shifting in favour of Employees. If you’re skilled and you’re young, the world is clearly your oyster.

This reality becomes clear when you look at a projection of reduced skilled migrant intake, 41% of Australia’s labour force starting to retire (the Baby Boomers), and Generation Y lasting only 2 years on average in any given workplace. Employers will be faced with many challenges, and a dwindling supply of the labour force that they need.

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Reveal what you think at work...

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Increasingly, people demand that work accommodates their personal lives. Which means they are invariably faced with the question: How much of my self should I reveal at work?

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