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A Business Creative Solution

Imagine landing a multi-million dollar contract to conduct business in Dubai - then not getting paid for the work you've done. Discover how one entrepreneur is using the lessons learnt from this experience to rebuild his company bigger, better and stronger after a complete collapse.

John Ford established The One Centre in 1999 as a consultancy business. With his experience and connections, the company grew quickly into Australia’s largest independent creative company with over 60 staff.

The One Centre rapidly expanded its portfolio of blue chip clients from Australia to overseas - bringing in millions of dollars.

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Plasticity and Re-wiring the Brain - Michael Merzenich

How much do you know about re-wiring the brain and its plasticity?

It is an intriguing subject - one that enables - 'CHANGE'

A leopard may never change its spots, though a human can change their personality.

This TED video gives you insights into how brain plasticity and re-wiring the brain works


Adaptive Leadership - Leadership Component #6


Adaptive Leadership is a key form of leadership in our modern changing world.

The history of hierarchical leadership is dead.

Adaptive Leadership looks at an adaptive response (rather than a technical response) to a challenge.

Adaptive solutions tend to be developed for broad problems.

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Creative and Innovative Leadership - Leadership Component #3


Creative and Innovative Leadership has been at the head of many CEO's key to competitive advantage for many years if you believe the surveys of many consulting companies who specialise in innovation like IBM and Fujitsu.

The truth is many CEOs talk creativity and innovation, though don't walk it.

The innovations usually come from the lower levels of bsiness in a large proportion of business and this needs to be encouraged - significantly as does the need for collaboration.

I know this personally as founder of Total Executive.

For many years I have been involved in the creativity and innovation industry as one of Australia's leading publishers of innovation, CEO of the Creative Leadership Forum and my association with most innovation groups including Australian Innovation and their annual festival.

Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration are also heading up the list of importance for future leadership.

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What is Creative Leadership?

The specification of creative leadership is descibed here at level 1 / 2:

What is Leadership - influence? - positively influencing, people, context or outcomes?

Is Creativity the production of something that is new and useful?

How do you see Leadership and Creativity is held together by change?

For those of you advanced in creative leadership/innovation and change - you will likely find this video - a yawn

For your staff and leaders who don't understand it's importance - play it to them as they get ready to sleep at night for subliminal education...

We look forward to your thoughts...

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