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Stop Interrogating and Start Conversing for Relationship Based Selling Success - Peter Fullbrook

Part of the reason the Pressure Free Sales System is so successful is the collaborative way in which a sales person and the customer interact.

A relationship built on trust and respect is formed with the view to repeat the interaction in the future. This flies in the face of the ‘hard sell’ which is all about the seller, the product and the financial benefit a sales transaction creates for the seller.

Relationship based selling sounds easy enough but it actually takes some practice to create a sales conversation that gleans information about the customer, their needs and their behaviours without it sounding all sales-y or worse, like an interrogation.

Here are five ways you can conduct a relationship based sales conversation:

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Do I really need a Business Mentor/Coach ? How do I know they are right for me ? - Peter Strohkorb

We have all heard that even superstars have coaches. Business executives have Mentors who sometimes act as a coach, too. We know that they exist, but how many of us really understand what significant difference a good Mentor/Coach can make for us?

What is a Mentor ?

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As an Executive do you hate certain change like I do? - James Carlopio

I am a change manager, so when I find myself hating certain changes, I pay attention! 

I usually love change, innovation, diversity and difference, so when I noticed my reluctance, frustration and resistance to several of the changes I was experiencing, I thought it best to take a more careful look at what was going on.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Just Say No - Elad Guberman

In our business it’s incredibly easy to become over-committed. No one wants to be continually considered the “one who dropped the ball” member of the team. Also, it can be exciting to suddenly jump into a new project or to try and show your skills to your client, especially if you are new to partnering with them. Unfortunately, this leads to taking on a lot of extra work, which may not be the wisest and most effective use of your productivity time. and can make it very difficult for you to ever say no.

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Why do so many executives plan for the future using historical data on the bottom line? - James Carlopio

I spend a great deal of my time consulting, teaching and talking about things like change management, organisational culture, education, training and development, and the importance of balance, attention to people and managing your people well.  I often get asked about the value of these types of activities and if, really, they make a difference.

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