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Why 'Presencing' is the key to executive success in our rapidly changing world and how to give yourself the time to engage...

Speaking with thousands of executives about what they are doing to ensure success in their careers and businesses it never ceases to amaze me how few give themselves the time to engage in 'Presencing' in order to overcome challenges and develop new and innovative solutions to improve their business and lifestyle. 

Otto Scharmer's U Theory which focuses on the importance of presencing is not a new process. However, what Otto has to say is ringing more and more true every day as our world continues down a path of dramatic change where we leave our familiar worlds of the past behind. 

I strongly urge you to read this Total Executive managers choice article and view the short video here: 
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As an Executive do you hate certain change like I do? - James Carlopio

I am a change manager, so when I find myself hating certain changes, I pay attention! 

I usually love change, innovation, diversity and difference, so when I noticed my reluctance, frustration and resistance to several of the changes I was experiencing, I thought it best to take a more careful look at what was going on.

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Segmenting your Internal Market for Successful Change - James Carlopio

The concept of internal marketing originally evolved from the idea that employees should be considered as an internal market that needs to be educated and informed about the organisation’s mission, the benefits of its products and services, and the expectations of its customers. Most people then go on to suggest that the main benefit derived from internal marketing is that it will contribute significantly to achieving ultimate success in the delivery of all marketing activity to external customers. In other words, we need to internally market to employees, so we will be better at marketing externally to our customers.

I have an alternative way of thinking about internally marketing for successful organisational change:

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Executives should be ready for Change - Fast Change - James Carlopio

Making Organisational Change Quickly

The worlds of information, technology and finance have changed the competitive landscape irreversibly. More people than ever before have quick access to information from around the world. Mobile phones and wireless technologies allow instant communications anywhere, anytime. The ‘electronic herd’ can move, with the speed of a keyboard tap, millions of dollars from country to country, from one stock to another while sitting in their homes. In order to take advantage of the opportunities that can arise and vanish in an hour, real-time adjustments at the organisational, work-system and individual levels are required. This is forcing people to ask such questions as:

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Innovation, change, politics and influence - James Carlopio

I came across an article a few years back, published in a refereed journal (i.e., Technology Analysis & Strategic Management). The title of the article is ‘Innovation and organizational change: Developments towards an interactive process perspective’. I have always thought of innovation and change as processes, not as static events or linear activities. I read the article and was astonished to be reminded that it is publishable news that “it has become apparent to many scholars that innovation is a complex process (not static), produced by the interaction between structural influences and the actions of individuals.” My first reaction was, where have these scholars been, who have just now had this revelation?

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