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Which leaders do you know who don't understand people? - Sonia McDonald

Sonia McDonald recently published this article on the Total Executive LinkedIn Group

Recently I was reading an article in the Australian Financial Review on Leadership for those at the Top. It truly resonated with me.

Why; just because you are at the top does not mean you are a leader or you are impervious to help.

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The 6 Key Benefits of Executive Leadership Coaching - Antoinette Braks


First, it’s aspirational. While standard Executive Coaching is about improving your performance at work in more senior executive roles, Executive Leadership Coaching is this and more. It invites you to tap into your career aspirations and personal purpose in relation to how you can make a bigger difference and leave a lasting legacy as a result of your progressively increasing leadership capacity.

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Do you know your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) score? - Ashley Medway

The Social Selling Index (SSI) has been an important tool for sales professionals who want to go beyond social selling activities and measure how those individual efforts add up. We know that social selling is a vital component of success for many sales organizations: salespeople who excel at social selling are creating more opportunities and are 

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7 Tips for Emailing Busy Professionals - Elad Guberman

Want a very busy person to take note when they receive an email from you? Of course!

Email is the modern man’s bane of existence. You receive a great deal of email and send off even more. When sending an important email, you hope for a speedy reply or action.

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