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These Social Media Mistakes Are Ruining Your Brand - Elad Guberman

Social media holds a lot of potential for businesses of all sizes. It has the power to grow your brand and connect you with a deeper pool of potential customers. You can use it to find sales leads, bring more traffic to your website, and market your business to a large audience. But if you are not careful, it also has the power to do a lot of damage to your brand.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that businesses are making on social media:

Not checking out the person managing your social media

There are plenty of professional social media managers out there to hire. And then there are the ones that only claim to be professional.

Remember, this person is going to be the online face of your company. Treat them as you would any other new hire for your business. Do not trust a simple bio that touts the person as a “world-class social media manager.”

Get the facts. Find out who else they have worked for in this role. Get as many testimonials (from the business owner him/herself) as you can about the person. It may be tempting to give a first-timer their chance with your brand in an effort to save money, but don’t take a chance without doing some real research.

Ignoring negative feedback

Bad comments are going to happen. There will always be the people out there who want to rain on your parade, whether for valid reasons or just to be plain ugly.

You can ignore those negative comments or you can actually do something about them. Ignoring them will do a lot more harm than good.

You do not want to delete every negative comment that pops up on your account. People will see this as suspicious and think you are trying to hide something from your fans.

Instead of deleting or turning a blind eye, use those comments as an opportunity. Perhaps a negative comment is from an unsatisfied customer who has not tried to reach out to you in other ways. Get to the bottom of the complaint and find a resolution that makes all parties happy. Do this in plain sight of your other followers so they see how you handle customer service issues.

Paying for fans

A lot of brands still think that paying to grow your audience is harmless. This can actually decrease the amount of reach you have on social media. You are not going to be engaging with those “fans.” They do not like your posts or comment on your photos.

That tells people who would really become your fans that nothing valuable comes from following you online. Plus, some networks will delete your page and ban you completely for buying followers.

Focus on growing your audience the organic way instead.

Not changing your tune

People do not want to see the same content from you over and over again on social media. If you are constantly posting your products, or posting links to your website, your audience is going to get real bored real quick.

Find more exciting things to post about. Instead of posting yet another picture of your latest product, put up a contest for someone to actually win that product. Don’t link back to your website in every post. Find some interesting articles to link to and give your audience something new to discover.

Being robotic in responses

Social media is about engaging. Do not use cookie cutter responses every time someone posts to your page.

Have an actual conversation with the people who take the time to post their comments to you. Thank them for their feedback. Send them a coupon for a discount or a freebie.

The more you act like a real person, the more interactive your audience will be and the more your following is going to grow.

What social media mistakes have you made? Let us know via comment below...

Source: Elad Guberman via the Total Executive LinkedIn Group

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