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Our 'Risk Averse' Future... time for CHANGE!

Today I enjoyed a special breakfast amongst colleagues - I can't tell you who they were given Chatham house rules.. those Total exec members who attended will know...

Conversation started with a quote very relevant to the current Olympic success from Rudolf Bode...

"When an old culture is dyeing, new cultures are created by those..."

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... who are not afraid...

A lot of what we do in leadership is about what do we keep - or let go of.

When it comes to innovation, most are risk averse.

Take for example our leaders in Canberra...

They are either:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Partners
  • Sleeping with partners of any of the above.

So, if any of them wanted to go out on a limb and really 'innovate / change' they probably will not last long - they are risking their whole political network / contacts / life - that won't likely let them back in.

"Innovation - Yes let's innovate! - great idea, let's roll it out!"

Leaders let innovators do this - they love to watch. Let them have their success and if they do - lets share their success

And if they don't - let's cut off the limb they were hanging from soon as it shows a 'crack' that works against our 'brand', etc.

Then let's re-employ them in a new position! - because we love watching innovators out on a limb whilst the majority stick with what is safe - clinging to the trunk!

I say,

What a load of Bull....

Speaking with leaders in business on a daily basis...

They are tired of the rhetoric

Australia's productivity continues to fall on a national level in our world that becomes increasingly competitive.

Business leaders need to speak with people who are on the 'edge of isolation' - those not willing to hang hard on the tree trunk - the people willing to hang from a limb.

It is time to grow some horns and start a revolution - like the global economy is getting a taste of - via Australia's solidarity through the Olympics!

It Doesn't matter that we didn't rule the medal tally - what matters is the backbone we put into the success of our future generations.

Every project needs to start at ground zero - customised for every client; utilise the mainstream systems available - then customise, customise further - create new...

We look forward to your thoughts...

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