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Brain Food #14 - Senses Challenge

This is a very fun link to a series of 20 timed puz­zles put together by the BBC. It should take you about 10 min­utes or less to com­plete.

Download the BBC Senses Test here
Check out their information on the interactive brain as well here  which allows you to explore both the struc­ture and func­tion of your brain. The func­tions will help you learn what areas of your brain you are exer­cis­ing when you do or feel cer­tain things.

They map out for you: anger, con­scious­ness, dis­gust, hap­pi­ness, lan­guage under­stand­ing, move­ment, self aware­ness, smell, taste, touch, breath­ing, coor­di­na­tion, fight or flight, hear­ing, long-term episodic mem­ory, sad­ness, self con­trol, speech pro­duc­tion, thirst and hunger, and vision.


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