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The Wealthy Feminine Instinct...

Recently read this article from Smart Company and wander if - given the call for equal wages last week...

Author: Dennis Roberts on 

Is as smart as he appears... What do you think?

It is important to understand one important aspect of wealth creation and it is this – wealth is derived from the OWNERSHIP of assets or as economists describe "the means of production." And it is in this concept of ownership where the masculine and feminine polarities part company.

The central tenet of Yin Yang according to Taoists holds that the essence of all things in our dualistic universe contains both masculine and feminine polarities. Let's look how the ownership of assets (and therefore wealth creation) might extend to the masculine and feminine paradigms.

The feminine may also be described as universal, indivisible, collective and uniform. As it relates to ownership of assets it is closely aligned with socialist ideals including the communal ownership of assets and the means of production. Its very nature is not to vest economic advantage with a minority of power brokers or wealthy individuals. The trading surplus is reinvested back into the means of production. This is how not-for-profits are run. It doesn't imply you can't own assets but it does base itself on a model of sustainability, reinvestment, community and sharing.

If wealth creation is more masculine in essence as I suggest then let's look at how this plays out. Ownership creates power, control and authority structures. Therein begins the chasm between the economic haves and have not's. Whether wealth be created through property or business it relies upon the increase in economic value over time. What drives this you may ask? Well, at its core, wealth relies upon the same bedrock that economics was founded, ie. scarcity. Yep, as much as you read about abundance in the new age literature, economics is founded on the Law of Scarcity (scare-city).

And it works like this. There is not enough stuff to go around. The forces of supply and demand determine the distribution of stuff (including wealth). In the presence of scarcity bidders force the price up and wealth is created (if you are lucky enough to own the asset).

So, you see wealth creation is a game. A game of competition in which some win and some lose. It has to be this way because of the founding assumption that the economic game was built upon.

I'll leave you with this thought – if economic theory (scarcity) was founded in times of agrarian economies or even the industrial age where perhaps there were bona fide limits to what could be produced and harvested then what of the knowledge economy we know find ourselves in. If information and knowledge aren't subject to the same economic constraints, and scarcity, then what if the very foundations of economic theory were debunked? How might that change the game of business? Well, it might just provide a black canvas for a whole new economic game, might'n it?

And of course, if you DO want to create wealth in whatever quantity then it requires that you explore your masculine. The game of life here on earth in no way implies that you have to go without.

Dennis Roberts helps small business owner/operators start, run and grow their business from conception to exit. He is available for strategic advice, business planning, one-on-one coaching/mentoring, advisory board, interim management and facilitation. Visit www.DennisRoberts.com.au.

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