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Why Creativity Matters in Today’s Leaders

Source: Six Figures

The article by Frank Kern What Chief Executives Really Want covers a survey from IBM’s Institute for Business Value, which shows that CEOs value one leadership competency above all others: creativity. This is very much aligned with the podcast that Suzi Dafnis did with Seth Godin this month. The theme of creativity and the correlation between personal and organizational success is covered by both.

As Frank states, the answer to what chief executive officers really want “bears important consequences for management as well as companies’ customers and shareholders. The qualities that a CEO values most in the company team set a standard that affects everything from product development and sales to the long-term success of an enterprise.

There is compelling new evidence that CEOs’ priorities in this area are changing in important ways. According to a new survey of 1,500 chief executives … CEOs identify “creativity” as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future.”

Why creativity? Because is causes creative disruption, it disrupts the status quo and organizational paralysis. You can read more of Why Creativity matters in today’s Leaders on Business Week.

Do you rate creativity as the most valuable amongst all other leadership competencies?


Further information...

In 1994 when the Karpin task force commissioned a research project where 100 experienced business managers were surveyed as to what they thought were the ideal management characteristics of the consummate manager. The results were illuminating:
Characteristic Percentage
Good “people” skills 75
Strategic thinker 58
Visionary 52
Flexible and adaptable to change 50
Self management 33
Team player 32
Ability to solve complex problems and make decisions 25
Ethical/high personal standards 23

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