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Workforce Planning – I am not HR so Why Should I Care?

In the article 'New takes on talent', Peter Wood - Principal, Human Capital from Mercer, makes the obvious point that too many organisations are not “investing in talent”. Let’s face it – that statement is bandied about a lot and we really don’t pay it much attention. However, it is a crucial part of an organisation's success or failure and in reality only a minority are actually doing it. The smart and truly innovative organisations doing workforce planning will be ahead in leaps and bounds, both from a talent attraction and retention perspective, and (more importantly) from a competitive advantage and revenue perspective.

Whilst workforce planning may seem boring to some executives who believe the function of dealing with talent should be relegated to HR, this is an unwise approach in many instances. There are countless research papers and surveys on this topic, such as the Workplace Barometer Report discussed on the Six Figures blog, that highlight that the majority of companies don’t invest in any sort of workforce planning. That is - they don’t know what people power and skills are required to achieve their business objectives.

Read more of this article 'Workforce Planning – I am not HR so Why Should I Care?' on the Six Figures blog and share your views on whether workforce planning and talent management should be driven by the business or be left to HR.

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