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Results of Responsible Leadership 2010 Live Conference of Leaders


Immortalise Thought & Help Create Leaders

Robert (Bob) H. Bloom
Retired US CEO Publicis Worldwide - Author The Inside Advantage and The New Experts

Chairman and MC

Bob chaired the online conference this morning Thursday November 11th 2010 with leaders attending from Australia and other global locations.

Attendants included Chairmen and Chair Women of some of Australia's premier organisations, CEO's and Managing Directors, Human Resource Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Owners and Founders of businesses, Consultants and Students - our future leaders already recognised for their experience before entering into employment...

Several Topics were covered as listed below.

We have provided a selection of the feedback provided by these leaders under each topic.

We are now looking for YOUR FEEDBACK on these topics - contribute here

Your feedback will be collected to join with all the research we have gathered to date to help produce...

The Global ROADMAP for Responsible Leadership into 2010 and beyond

So far we have had hundreds of executives complete our SURVEY and dozens of leaders have been interviewed about their thoughts on Responsible Leadership as shown HERE

We look forward to your support of this global initiative

(Please note: Attendant feedback on the inaugural Responsible Leadership conference is provided beneath this summary of leaders responses to the topics covered...)

Topic #1

Responsible Leadership is defined as…

Empowering others with guidance whilst helping them achieve the best they can be, encouraging moral and ethical conduct…

So they can guide and support others simultaneously...

What additions would you make to this definition in relation to the global marketplace?

Selected Responses:

  • Every form of leadership should be accountable. Responsible leadership should also be accountable!
  • Leadership whether responsible or otherwise will only work with a focus on the long term…
  • Empathy and emotion are a big part of this definition I believe
  • Accountability
  • for the advancement of all stakeholders
  • Social innovation should be included in the definition
  • encouraging is a nice word and probably appropriate, but if we are really responsible leaders we must ensure moral and ethical conduct in those we empower
  • Responsible leadership should be based on the ethics and values of our society as a whole, taking from knowledge we have via the not for profit and community services sectors and incorporating those values into how we run business and government.
  • A responsible Leadership definition should take account of the advantages of using all the best technology and communications available to us so we can best respond to the needs of customers, society, stakeholders and staff.
  • Responsible leadership considers all global communities as businesses extend globally
  • None.
  • The leader's vision casting must reflect and embody his ethical values.
  • Competitive advantage through responsible leadership is the way forward
  • Competitive advantage is not the most important element - society is! Particularly globally!
  • Competitive advantage needs to be presented as the benefit for businesses focussing on the long term - including society
  • I like the idea of empowerment of others
  • Another matter to be considered (particularly with respect to global communities) is how you establish how you define morals OR ethics; this deffinition presuposses a shared or agreed lnowledge and understanding of the term(s)
  • We need real leadership, governed by an agreed standard.
  • Being aware of the implications of my decisions as a leader for my business, relationships, staff and family members
  • Being across your business and taking forward your learnings and experiences to help all business and the market to move forwards.
  • Helping others in the community understand insights and key ideas for bettering the future
  • In relation to the Global Marketplace is tough! With so much hardship around the world and so much graft and corruption distorting any efforts to help the particularly needy - the only real solution is to concentrate on the 'ordered' societies and let the others succumb to revolution - where hopefully less corrupt regimes will emerge

Topic #2:

What are the key fundamentals of a responsible leader, ethically and on a philanthropic level?

  • Responsible leaders look long term
  • Ethically - work in the interests of all of those served: Shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. Subjugate personal interests
  • Caring for others - without caring for others their responsibility can be seen as shallow…
  • They come from heart first then head
  • Every responsible leader looks at what their business needs, customers, staff, stakeholders, society and develop a strategy that aligns with these needs
  • ethics are key for a responsible leader - they need integrity
  • It's OK to have ethics if you are accountable for your actions
  • I think gratitude is important and acknowleding your gratitude
  • Do unto others as they would do to you.... this saying holds true today as it has done so for many hundreds of years.
  • Take time to think before your act and assess likely outcomes from different perspectives.
  • Take into account how your decisions will affect and be taken by partners, staff, customers and others.
  • Another big question! Ethically, treat all of the persons he serves with dignity and fairness - and by this is meant - shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and governments. The highest urgency is for leaders to stop grubbing in the food trough and taking the maximum they possibly can from themselves. Philantrophy from commercial business is a nonsense - unfairly distributed - serving the interests of the philanthropist - this is the region of enlightened government - elected to serve their people
  • An observation on this issue; I have noted a high degree of volunteerism as a core value in many leaders I classify as responsible leaders
  • Supporting causes is great when you have the cash, though in-kind support is I beliueve the best way to support communities and NFPs so they can learn how to be more successful
  • humility
  • self awareness, balanced, doing the right thing for the right reasons at the right time even in the face of adversity
  • transparency
  • They dont offer leadership in or to businesses that prey on the weak. eg people in addiction
  • Creating Consensus
  • Integrity - in mind body spirit
  • Adaptable to changing situations and circumstances
  • Can handle ambiguity - is not 'black and white'
  • Is analytical - can get to the core issue quickly
  • Astute people selection - does not seek clones but rather those who complement his / her skills and who won't be afraid to challenge
  • Balanced - has a life outside the office
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Clarity - can think and talk clearly, stays focussed
  • Is a willing and available coach / mentor to others
  • Shows commitment - to the business, the task in hand, the executive team and staff generally
  • A good communicator- both in one-to-one and group situations, as well as in writing - in substance and not just style
  • Competent in the role / level
  • Confident of his / her ability but keenly sensitive to the dangers of hubris
  • Has the courage of his / her convictions- particularly in troubled times, but is not foolhardy
  • Delegates - doesn't try to do everything him/herself, but expects accountability
  • Is clear on his / her direction - knows where they are heading and why, and how to get there
  • Has 'emotional intelligence' - can empathise and manage relationships with others
  • Is energetic - but knows when to slow down / switch off
  • Is engaging - and genuinely interested in people and their well-being
  • Minimises the casualties from his / her decisions 
  • Maintains focus on the strategic direction
  • Generates 'buy-in' from all parties
  • Humility - keeps feet on the ground
  • Has high standards of integrity - and insists on the same from others
  • Intellect - has a high level of intelligence
  • Exercises sound judgement - particularly under pressure
  • Knows the business and its operating environment well
  • Knows the questions to ask
  • Is a good listener, emotionally as well
  • Is numerate - can read and understand financial statements
  • Doesn't 'play games' or mess people around - ensures others do likewise
  • Is passionate - about life, the business, family, other interests
  • Has top grade people skills - encourages their input, values their opinions, develops their skills and is motivating, supportive, caring and constructively critical
  • Is perceptive - can read situations and other people well
  • Persists - when the going gets tough...
  • Is persuasive - without being bullying or dogmatic
  • Prioritises tasks - works on the important stuff
  • Is resilient - bounces back from setbacks
  • Is self-aware and self critical - knows his / her deficiencies and addresses them; can accept criticism from others
  • Has a healthy self-esteem - but does not believe he / she is infallible
  • Is strategic in thinking and outlook - but is also aware that successful implementation is what counts
  • Is a team player - not an autocrat, gives credit to others and seeks and values their opinions
  • Trusts others - but verifies what she or he is told
  • Is trusted by others - is honest in all dealings
  • Understands the 'value proposition' of the business
  • Is unwavering in the pursuit of his / her goals - but is aware of risks, monitors progress and is not afraid to change course when needed 
  • Has clearly developed and articulated values
  • Is visionary - can see the big picture and read future trends
  • Walks the talk - always
  • Is consistent and even-handed in behaviours and decisions
  • Watches the details - while delegating and not getting bogged down him / herself; well understands that inattention to the detail can bring them undone
  • Is not afraid to admit mistakes - learns from them and moves on
  • Has a degree of luck, even though it is true that we can make our own. Sometimes, just being in the right place at the right time does help!
  • builds other leadership roles replaces themselves effectivly

Topic #3:

What do you see as the key challenges for responsible leaders across commerce, communities and cultures?

  • communication
  • Developing strategy across global boundaries
  • managing and developing culture that shares the values we want to work with
  • continuing to be competitive as a small business givinf back to our community as larger competitors with more resources continue to screw our supply chain
  • People's general Intransigence
  • Differences in values, communication style and culture
  • Collaboration keeps being presenteds as the key but how do we collaborate without giving away secrets and our IP?
  • supply chains are the key to help manage communications
  • with a global organisation cultural differences play an important part in everything we do. The biggest challenge is having the right people to engage in the local commerce and community with specific skills that align with each culture we work in.
  • people harbouring lower level values and not letting go of them
  • proactively promote diversity
  • Cultures are dynamic and they change - creating challenges in how to keep on top of these dynamics
  • Greed
  • Different generations working together because their needs, wants and values are different
  • Scarcity mentality
  • Every time I hear the word global I think what is the future of small businesss. If we are looking at this topic globally, then looking at the concept as a reasonably small business owner I would suggest that every global organisation looks at how they work with these elements and challenges as if they were a small business in each area or country
  • Government regulations and big business thinking, stifling innovation and creativity
  • we need to empower those to own the issues and find the solutions in their own communities, we can show and guide them, however we cant do it for them
  • Be able to find the time.. don't rush into making decisions.
  • Also be prepared to make the decison and then implement it as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared to stand by your deciision, however unpopular. However, always assess the imlications and changes that may force a rethink and need for a new direction
  • Commerce - maintain the temp of economic development so that everyone is able to participate in the general wealth rather than an elitist few.
  • Communities - perhaps the community in greatest need is India. The challenge is the fair distribution of wealth and the abandonment of the absurdity of the caste system
  • Cultures - all must learn to produce the rounded man and woman. Such areas continue to be dominated by the elites

Topic #4:

How do you see technology and communication can help responsible leaders provide solutions to address these challenges – more effectively and efficiently?

  • think it's great how we can communicate in so many ways now
  • it already is in a BIG way - the internet is exposing lack of integrity in ways we have never seen before
  • Dont use email! It is defunct the future options with technology available now are so much better and you no longer get spammed
  • Part of being responsible is being secure as technology helps more with this all the better
  • totally re converged communications via ICT and the Internet allows for many gains in communmication AND allows a choice for what works best approach if it flexible
  • one of the best things technology has given me is management of knowledge - this same process should be used in all leadership discussions so we all can collaborate efficiently
  • Its now so much easier to reach your target group more quickly and more cheaply than ever before
  • Leaders can now address problems and issues almost immediately (i.e. video conferencing). This can prevent any challenges from becoming worse. In addition, any unethical deals will be exposed immediately - knowledge for the people
  • technology only works when it is adopted by everyone usually only about 15% of people are early adopters - great to haveit but realistically our business wont use it till it is at least a couple years old and tried and tested
  • We should always ask ourselves how we can use technolgy to help solve problems and improve situations
  • Has to allow for options and variety of comms modalities though and we need to be able to 'value' each choosen method appropriatly
  • how would I ever have learnt about how to collaborate with you without google
  • telecommuting is a good option to move work to people and enable work life balance
  • There is too much communication and hype! I am limiting all the ways people communicate with me only contact me directly if you have something worthwhile to say or I will not only not respond I won't even look at it
  • We are starting to employ more young people and they are doing great work if we didn't allow them to use all this technology available they wouldn't work with us. They know how to use it and are bringing in more new busness than we could have ever expected. Facebook was the start, though now they are really getting into linkein and understand how to use it - we are talking with clients we never imagined - use these skills is my recommendation
  • technology is the tool but the focus must be on people's own behaviour and ethics, skills training in responsibility or relationship management is more important than new communication technology
  • I'm looking forward to technology when I no longer need to type - it's almost there
  • but you need to be cautious so that excessive communication does not supplant time spent on strategic thinking
  • A mechanism responsible leaders to be aware of the variety of updates that need skill development into the future with so many options
  • By being more aware of what is happening elsewhere.
  • Technology and the internet helps us to know more of what is happening.
  • However, always note that what is provided by the internet has been determined by someone else. In the end, you have to find out for yourself.
  • Technology by taking the manhours from the production process
  • Communication by permitting all to understand the basic humanity that drives us all irrespective of religion and other quaint and archaic beliefs

Topic #5:

How do you recommend responsible leaders work collaboratively into our future?

  • Networks like linkedin are helping a lot
  • more conferences like this with leaders from government nfp's and business
  • What is the context here? If it is business it is a totally different response to if it is charities…
  • created opportunities for idea exchange
    even TED helps
  • Companies need to look beyond the IP they are protecting to how it can help others everywhere
  • Network events and breakfast meetings with key speakers are very useful for future collaboration.
  • Share knowledge with those who need it in developing countries to help them develop further
  • working in the innovation area, you will be surprised who could be your collaborators into the future - from industries you would never consider even contacting
  • peer support networks
  • Collaborative technology like we are using works well - if it was easier to login to I like how are sharing ideas here to help provide the start of something - could be using this style of collaboration in many areas
  • industry or sector specific leaders to combine service offerings and present them as a consolidated offering
  • If you look at the fashion industry there is no IP - they make millions by always being new - what other industries could learn from this?
  • If companies looked less at how to protect their IP and more about how to share it they would probably make more profit - instead of paying the legals
  • I find forums are also very useful, both in sharing information and ideas as well as simply keeping in touch with your marketplace.
  • nothing replaces a phone call and face to face meeting
  • At the moment of truth when faced with the key ethical and moral issues responsible leaders will benefit with collaboration from like minded leaders outside the organisation. Sharing the issue, confronting the issues/solutions together, dealing with it as a group movement creates momentum to do the right things faster and more often.
  • We need to encourage responsible leadership and discourage the cut-throat tactics still so common.
  • Educational programs and the online programs you are doing
  • Examples of leaders that have acted responsibly and that there modus operandi is the means for lasting impact. Mandela and Gandi stand out because their achievements have lasted.
  • Through the institutions established for the purpose - in particular, the United Nations. Stop the so-called 'Great Powers' from undermining it or making it serve their interests.

Topic #6:

What are the key business models and processes that will help responsible leaders achieve ethical results across education, government, industry sectors you work within and society?

  • Integrity is key.
  • The model should be comprehensive, catering for all who will be affected.
  • Every business model must respond to the needs of shareholders / stakeholders, customers, staff, society - responsible leadership should be no different
  • Social awareness, and the decision to take positive action.
  • more business leaders need to be attracted and partcipate in the political process
  • We need to think beyond our generation for this - to kids who are not even born yet - that will be the core of these models
  • The key to getting the right business model is building the right culture
  • we need to find a way to bring responsible leadership into government as it seems almsot non existent in the major parties
  • Consistency of application across the government departments, consistent standards across Australia's education suite
  • Always question the business model. An innovative business model and the associated processes will always be developing.
  • I think if a business model is to represent the creation of a responsible leader, then it should connect with everyone who will be impacted when it is put into place by the processes thast are adopted
  • Ethical results across education, government industry and society - nice thought - reality?
  • As a follow on from - We need to think beyond our generation for this - to kids who are not even born yet - that will be the core of these models - We often have to consider how we define what are the stakeholders sometimes say in the world of Internet I work in we need to consider this - NOT yet connected to it yet...
  • I work within the mining sector, ethical results have come a long way - safety is one of them. Given what we mine, society is a stretch. Ethically, I believe will only be considered if there is a profit in it for the long term.
  • the model must be the river than runs through the landscape
  • Primarily a resurgence of communism
  • Providing more leadership opportunities for women will ensure ethics and responsibility are more strongly considered in business models for our future
  • In terms of business leaders, Murdoch is an outstanding example of dedication and foresight. He may not be as responsible as the others, but he has an enuring legacy

Topic #7:

From your experience with responsible leaders, what do you see as their key attributes and values as:

  1. Individuals
  2. Leaders of their profession
  3. Contributors to family and friends
  4. Supporters of society
  • caring is at the core of all of these areas
  • Every responsible leader lives their lives with integrity
  • emotional intelligent
  • You grow up with values, responsible leaders live with these ethical values wherever they go
  • A belief in people instead of just money
  • Consistency is a key element of responsibility
  • excellent at listening
  • abundance thinking
  • the ability to challenge others with conviction comes to mind here - leaders are always ready to debate the status quo and turn it into something better
  • creative thinking
  • continual learning
  • Without a balance between life and work many leaders fail their responsibilities. I challenge that people should consider contributions to family and friends and weave into their life the responsibilities of work wherever possible
  • Foresight, persistence, an ability to respond quickly to changes, build teamwork and inspire others to work with them to achieve common goals
  • Like Bill Clinton: Insight, Intelligence, Reasoning, Empathy, Goal-orientation, Humanity
  • Think before you act, intelligence and knowledge of how organisations and groups work.
  • Understanding, perception, empathy
  • Aways note that we have a limited time to achieve things in this lifetime. So we need to think of what we can leave for our children and their children.
  • The pursuit of equality
  • conceptual and futuristic thinking
  • All responsible leaders I know support society through the charities and causes of their choice, some even create their own foundations. Support of society is at every level of community and we can all learn every time an individual supports a society cause of their choice, whether they are a ceo or anyone else
  • continuing forward against heavy resistence
  • People person, integrity, honesty, accountability, listen to others, take feedback positively, continual learning, work-life balance, willingness to share, willingness to coach
  • give first
  • High energy; clear honesty and integrityvery open accountable and transparant in ALL they do; good communicator and a charismatic "natural leader"
  • A strong set of personal ethical values. Ability to cast the vision for their organisation and convince the key stakeholders both internal and external to adopt and implement that vision.
  • speak their truth - always
  • honest reflection coupled with honest projection
  • they do thier homework
  • can the author of 'abundance thinking' comment on what this is??
  • Looking at professions, I think governance is key to a responsible leader. If they can be measured independently of their success, then they have achieved. Without governance and measurement their responsible leadership could be viewed as selft righteous discussion into the future
  • Looking at the consequences of actions and the ability to look at the long term effects
  • I forgot to add - commitment and focused
  • systems thinking
  • Willing to Take Risks
  • loving acceptance
  • Speak up and use an honest assessment of where they are at - younger group sometimes idealistic but inspiring
  • Having a belief in the people around them and not just the financial outcome.
  • they are responsible for everything that comes out of thier mouth
  • learning agility
  • No blaming or shaming (ie, Political parties dont have leaders)

Topic #8:

How can we improve education, training and coaching initiatives to further encourage responsible leadership?

  • It begins with mentoring
  • Depends on the industry, will be different for government in comparison to the education sector and business
  • Incorporate into our education systems the skills that people need in the workplace i.e. networking
  • open up soft skills training to the followers, makes the leaders job much easier
  • need to find concensus on a set of core values
  • Teaching ethics in schools? now there's a long overdue idea
  • school and community based practical programs to give real learning experiences where real world and learning sector meld
  • Agree about the different sectors, though the future of education must include more practical experience initiatives
  • Everyone is so busy or travelling these days, learning digitally is the way forward - we can connect with other thought leaders like here
  • There needs to be a shift in the entire approach of "big business" a more comprehensive approach.
  • All the personal research I do these days is online, extending this out across communities in underdeveloped countries is a key initiative for responsible leaders of our future
  • Make it mandatory for a personality profile assessment tool of some sort to be in the beginning of any leadership training for self awareness and identify those development opportunities
  • Restore the roles of: Ethics, Logic And intensify the teaching of the physical sciences. Forbid the teaching of religions or any philosophy inspired by 'personal revelations' - they have all blighted humanity
  • Government rebates are now available to make these costs neutral
  • Grasshopper, once you can… provide the intial steps then let every individual take their own path, with guidance
  • An open door will always provide the guidance we need
  • People learn ethics through life, in many situations they arrive in the workplace with their own beliefs, values, ethics - whatever you want to call them. Often these are sitting below the surface as people are not encouraged to speak their mind. As a leader you should be encouraging people to discuss their beliefs, by the watercooler or elsewhere so we can learn from them and they can learn more from us in a transparent discussion as we develop in life
  • Our business is not a corporate giant a healthy family business but what I would say is core values built up from the family gives you strenght in our business and no doubt in many others who want to build up their business and have it last nearly a hundred years Values are key to long life and they are taught one on one as well as in groups they are the core of family as well as business and whenever you have a problem think back to your family and what you would do
  • University education fees to be incentivised
  • we offer our services to schools packaged for school kids
  • When I did my degree I was paid to do it - now they cost tens of thousands???
  • If we can learn from our mistakes and share this across the emerging economies and up and coming generations that minght be a start.
  • get the greens into government :-)
  • training is on the political agenda in Australia, responsible leaders can take advantage of government rebates to increase skills of staff in cost neutral ways via registered training organisations
  • Put together practical training programs that teach not just ethics but empathy and understanding how communities work
  • Technology is changing - the role of leaders is to dialogue with education to ensure courses are current and relevant - renewing courses regularly
  • There has to be a massive mindset shift across the whole of society, that we are in constant competition for limited resources

Topic #9:

How can these responsible and ethical leadership concepts be incorporated into schools and our education system to ensure continuity through generations?

  • This is more the domain of families than schools
  • I think it is more important to look at this from a global perspective…
  • If I learnt what I did in business at school, I would have been able to help more people earlier
  • Every generation needs to learn to adapt differently
  • That is a big question, yes this needs to be started in the home, but continued through the education system
  • Yes but what about the students who don't benefit from learning at home? They need support! Schools should encourage these thoughts and in many ways they do, even from kindergarten where they tell positive stories with great ethical background through to highschool with projects designed to improve life on our planet. The future generation is learning to be more caring than ever before and we need to ensure this continues.
  • The key is to give more than you take - karma follows
  • I agree with the comment about kids who don't learn at home.
  • Our economic landscape is limited resources unlimited wants. Ie scarcity and competition. Whatever can shift this thinking at Gov and Bus levels will bring in an ethical world
  • The most valuable investment we can make is in the education of our future generations
  • integrating into some of the Future Schools and NAtional Partnership Program imitiatives (here in Aus) for example could get these leadership and ethics 'topics' into the lifelong learning agrnda early oin in formal education experiences AND need to recognise that in los SEScommunities you don't necisarrily have the expoerience or skills from the family environs
  • With our ageing population we need to consider lifelong learning - new skills as we grow older
  • Don't rely on the politicians!
  • National curriculum
  • It will also change if we can push the education across all facets of society, top to bottom.
  • Retirees can assist by contributing in workshops at schools re their life lessons.
  • the concepts must start at home, church and school use to help reinforce them, however, seems to be a BIG void
  • Rudolph Steiner has some good ideas. replicate him
  • Everything starts with individuals who want to make it happen. All innovation has been started by unresonable individulas. Find leaders who believe and they will find the ways for develop these projects.
  • Have political parties forsake their pursuit of the vote on the basis of the 'lowest common demoninator' Use logic as the basis - and demonstrate to their electorate that the biggest 'return' comes from doing so

Topic #10:

Which other subjects do you believe we should discuss relevant to responsible leadership into the future and who should we contact for further input?

  • I think we should look at more global issues - particularly poverty
  • Sustainability hasn't been a big topic of discussion here. What about global warming?
  • responsible leadership at the political level
  • You should start interviewing more global leaders from government and society who can make a difference like Obama, or Nelson Mandela
  • Sustainability in more ways than the environment.
  • knowledge management - how do we ensure it is passed on etc
  • can responsible leaders help to resolve conflicts peacefully?
  • Responsibilities of corporates needs to be assessed - not just GFC elements also companies like BP and other businesses working with hazardous matrials
  • Agree with (responsible leadership at the political level), until it gets into the party politics, there will be little change
  • how about the role back to some 'think global act local' approach find LOCAL heros from wherever we are but then aggregate and share what is learned freely and in an accesible form
  • The whole developing country issue needs re-assessment - as we continue to buy products that are essentially created using slave labour, what is the future of global society?
  • As discussed earlier there is the need for long term thinking rather than short termism - a problem in the West particularly with politicians and stockmarkets.
  • Protection wasn't even brought into this discussion! In Australia we appear relatively safe, though are we?
  • Have you thought of interviewing more scientific leaders on their thoughts for our future? Like Dr Suzuki?
  • This conference has been very interesting though opened more questions rather than providing answers - I look forward to you giving more answers into the future
  • Spirituality in leadership is a related topic in my view
  • Re that comment contact SLAM http://www.slam.net.au
  • Ways to encourage positive actions on the singular.
  • Help people within the organisation become active members of society instead of the 16 hour work day ethic.
  • Working to help society while also contributing to a profitable company.
  • Responsible leadership varies depending on the society and culture.
  • In middle eastern and asian countries, this would mean working wihtin the system. Don't rock the boat. Yet every society started with strong leaders (Mao, Mohammad, Genghis Khan) who changed perceptions and brought in new systems. In Western societies, we have a greater suspicion of government and the notion of group think. In other words, the subjects will depend on the level of understanding of students, the environment and societal expectations.
  • All cases, the purpose of responsible leadership is to take a long term perspective and note that decisons have lasting implications.
  • Select exclusively from the most intelligent and reasoning women - ignore men in leadership for several centuries. If not, humanity will destroy itself in nuclear annihilation. If you do not believe that refer to the history books and see how close we came in 1962 in Cuba and then only a short time later, under the same so-called 'enlightened man' John Kennedy in Laos
  • Many want smaller government, austerity measures are biting in many developed countries, who will pick up the slack and lead bigger private and not for profit sector... responsible leaders!!
  • Do more of these type of interactions and ensure outs are archived and easily accessed by others as well as remain open for building on and use by others Creative Commons use etc.,
  • Spiral dynamics is related
  • send the results to the polititions
  • Facts and evidence are needed to back up what is responsible leadership
  • Guide leaders to balance aggressive commercial actions coupled with aggressive responsibility. It can be achieved!!
  • and a spell check in this tool would be VERY much appreciated by the likes of me wioth all my typos ;-( -

Wwell with that in consideration - NO SPELL CHECK! As independent thought all these comments have been relayed into this totalexec article publication - free of editing - they are free flowing independent anonymous and confidential thought...


So everyone who comments from now and add to this discussion are free to do the same!

The White paper of The ROAD MAP to Responsible Leadership is where all comments will be polished in preparation for delivery to leaders internationally


We look forward to your contributions before all information goes to our research department.

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The conference was then completed...

Thank you very much for your contributions. We appreciate the knowledge and support you have provided...

The Inaugural RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP 2010 conference

You will receive our report and road map to the future...

After the conference we encouraged everyone to support the cause of their choice. A selection of options recommended by responsible leadership contributors to date can be found here:


What was also interesting was the feedback after the conference - credit to Bob Bloom who is passionate on this area and Anne Hudson, CEO of Grouputer who managed the technology and is also highly passionate on the subject.

Immediate feedback included...

"Thanks for one of the most professionally run online conferences I have ever attended - very in touch with your subject"

"That was one of the most enjoyable hours I have spent this week - Look forward to the future developments we discussed"

"Thanks again, just re-iterating our conversation - what a fantastic knowledge base you have access to here - good luck with this project! we all need it"

"Look forward to catching up and discussing those workshops we discussed..."

"I have cc'd our HR director... ... thanks again"

and the most common feedback from everyone...

"Can I please have a copy of the presentation and discussion?"

Above provides you the summarised discussion. Download the presentation and make further contributions HERE

It is important to acknowledge that this project would never have happened without the in-kind support of all the individuals, associations, businesses, not for profits and enterprise recognised below. We really appreciating your help to launch The Responsible Leadership 2010 Inaugural Conference

Thanks everyone
Grant Crossley
M +61408844009
E Grant@TotalExec.com.au

Meet some of the Responsible Leadership Team - That continues to Grow...

With many more executives and leaders being interviewed NOW.
Recommend a leader to be interviewed here









Another Directors Report by Grant Crossley

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