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Will Creativity Have A Proven Dramatic Impact on Business Results?

In May 2014, Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to investigate how creativity influences business outcomes. The study surveyed senior managers from more than 300 large global companies across a diverse set of industries to understand how creativity impacts business results.

The results show that companies embracing creativity outperform peers in revenue, market share and competitive leadership.

Through this research, Adobe concludes that creativity is essential to current and future business success. Key findings include:

• Companies that foster creativity achieve exceptional revenue growth than peers.

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Reflections on the history of marketing...

When we talk about marketing these days we need to take into consideration all types of marketing and include some vehicles that were not available when some of us were taught Marketing in tertiary education. Social media alone has become such a large part of our everyday lives, that of course this particular vehicle cannot be taken for granted. Everyday we see more and more marketing activities on social media and the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn vying for a piece of that very tasty pie..

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The rise and rise of TPG Telecom Ltd

In a market where many of the major players are struggling to grow (or worse still, are struggling to arrest decline), TPG is hitting it out of the park. In the 2014 financial year, TPG delivered some very impressive financial results, including revenue growth of 35% and net profit and earnings per share growth of 15%.

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Are you considering a position on a board?

Is your desire to take on a director / board position?

Are you familiar with all of the governance and compliance issues associated with such a position?

Do you know how to apply that knowledge to real life circumstances?

Have you started to market yourself correctly for this step into a whole new career path?

Following decades of maintaining director roles in my own businesses, I am joining a small selection of executives who are interested in a solution for all the above questions as they prepare to take on board and advisory roles for publicly and privately owned businesses and not for profits.

This program has been developed by one of Australia's leading knowledge brokers in board governance. The program includes:

  • Detailed documentation on all governance processes required by board directors
  • Full day facilitation and coaching of how to apply this theory to real life circumstances
  • Review of your professional marketing tools including CV, LinkedIn and more
  • Creation of professional bio videos to enable personalised marketing of yourself
  • Access to a library of hundreds of documents providing insight into how boards work
  • Connection with a community of executives and board directors
  • Personalised 1 on 1 mentoring through any individual challenges you incur
  • Professional marketing of your 'board ready' skills to the Board Connector network
  • Commencement of steps to your first board position


Board positions are currently available with many companies and age is not relevant to most of these positions. Most important is the knowledge, skills and contacts that you can bring to the table.

Currently we have only 3 seats left. If this is of interest to you please contact me to discuss your suitability for this program.

Kind regards
Grant Crossley


Are you interested in being an 'accredited' coach?

Following years of coaching and mentoring hundreds of staff, clients, executives and coaches I have decided to gain my accreditation in coaching.
If you are also interested in gaining this accreditation please contact me to discuss how we can add TE benefits... or +61408844009


Why this coaching program?

Open Door is proud to provide innovative design and delivery of programs, cutting edge coaching tools and techniques and we are the only provider in Australia offering a Certificate IV and Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching.

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