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Not enough internal auditors assess corporate governance, corporate culture

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A recent survey is reason for concern when it comes to internal auditing because it showed that 49 percent of internal auditors had no involvement in assessing their firm’s culture.

Also, about 25 percent of internal auditors did not assess a company’s corporate governance, the survey revealed. In North America, specifically, 32 percent of internal auditors had no involvement in assessing corporate governance, according to the Thomson Reuters annual State of Internal Audit Survey.

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How Google killed SEO

In the beginning there were links. And in those links were keywords you wanted to rank for. This is how SEO started with Google and this is how it was until just recently. Then a cute little penguin came onto the scene and changed the industry… in a big way.

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Learning through coaching: does it work?

Does coaching really give value to a person or an organization? If so, how much value can coaching bring to the organization? Find out more in this article from The HR Agenda Magazine. After all, every professional has a coach. Otherwise you are an amateur.

How Much Value can Coaching Bring to the Organization?

Coaching Aims

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Effective Communication

True communication is “the response I get”.

If you want your communication tools, emails, letters, proposals, web site, advertisements, flyers, phone scripts to achieve their planned outcomes … increased prospects, sales, conversion, retention etc … use these 5 keys to effective communication:

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Discrimination In Australian Workplaces – Looking Into The Past Can Help

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Looking into the past can help us in the present. It’s 1957. Imagine being in this jury room. A man’s life is on the line. You are one of 12 people deciding on his fate. You have just left the court room. You saw him in the Dock, and he appeared fearful and perhaps sad. The air in the jury room is thick with tension. You and your peers are confronted by a person who is vocal in his stereotyping of ‘these people’, and he seeks to gain support toward a decision he wants. What would you do? What leadership would you show?

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