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Creating a Unified Business Culture

This article came up in the Total Executive LinkedIn group and Paul Steele made this comment that I agree with and have published about several times before...

As Druker commented, 'culture eats strategy for breakfast' Culture is usually identified in the artifacts; systems, models and behaviors of the organisation. Doing things the same as others is both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because we will get things done the same as we always have and a curse because the entrenched behavior is reticent to adapt to new and novel behaviors that are more compatible with today's faster environment.

How do you build a consistent professional culture in a business that spans the globe? The challenge can seem overwhelming because the societal differences where the business operates are so vast.

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A successful collaboration between the Australian and Israeli Medical sector

Collaboration works on many levels...

Australia-based PhytoTech Medical has signed an exclusive licensing and collaboration agreement with Yissum, the technology-transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to develop, manufacture and market a novel delivery system to enhance the bioavailability of cannabidiol (CBD) and/or THC, the active ingredients in cannabis, for the treatment of a variety of medical indications.

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What value should you bring to a board?

Learn what successful entrepreneur Andrew Lockwood recommends for boards in this short video.

To learn more about how Total Executive are placing people like Andrew on boards please contact our founder Grant Crossley via +61408844009 or


Total Executive Newsletter 20th February 2015

Please find below your invitations to 2015 complimentary and discounted events, workshops and executive services

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Total Executive Testimonials

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Grant Crossley is a leading strategist in Australia who has researched, developed and implemented thousands of marketing and business development strategies for clients since the 80's from small short term campaigns with budgets between zero and $1,000 to complex campaigns developed for larger business through to corporate and enterprise with investments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Giving back to community has been core focus for many of Grant's campaigns that over the years have provided support for a wide variety of philanthropic projects and charities.

All strategies are developed to achieve:

  • Primary outcomes for clients and partners involved such as 'generating qualified leads'
  • Secondary outcomes like building relationships, awareness, community support and brand.
    Many strategies have required project management with collaboration that often includes dozens of partners.


A testimonial from WorldHostingDays

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