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Businessman facing process wallThe global leaders in LinkedIn mastery and professional profile development work with Total Executive to improve recognition of our clients and their business.

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Collaboration insights from a business with One Throat to Choke

Recently I caught up with Ben Coady, Sales Manager of Blue Star Print Group and we discussed his responses to the key findings from our ONEteam research relevant both to Blue Star and their clients that they manage marketing programs for.

The key findings of our research have been:

  • More successful groups met formally more often
  • The quality of the collaboration shows that those companies who have better alignment between Sales and Marketing have also achieved the most growth
  • There is a thing called ‘too much technology can over complicate things’

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10 Tips to Successfully Use Business Networking as a Marketing Strategy - Elad Guberman

Elad Guberman recently gave these insights via the Total Executive LinkedIn Group

Networking is probably the best way to build a profitable business, or sales pipeline over the long term. Many of us understand the value of networking, but we don’t always know the best way to go about it. Here are 10 simple tips that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your networking efforts.

1. Build Relationships not Stacks of Business Cards

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Yolo Entertainment - You Only Live Once...

We began April with Total Executive approached by Yolo Entertainment to produce a platform that will appeal to the entertainment industry.

The initial website is now live here

Follow this website to see how we commence a following with...

  • Content management
  • Social Media
  • Direct marketing
  • and more...

Look forward to your feedback



10 digital trends in motion graphics - Elad Guberman

Social media marketing has made a huge influence on how we communicate - particularly over the last couple years.

Learn more via the video provided to Total Executive LinkedIn member by Elad Guberman here:

10 DIGITAL TRENDS IN MOTION GRAPHICS FOR 2014 from 24motiondesign on Vimeo.

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