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Complimentary De-Stress seminar for TE Members and their staff

Total Executive have a special reward for our members and their staff.
Reward your staff for jobs well done in 2015 with a professional corporate massage from Absolutely Corporate. Your staff will truly appreciate an end-of-year massage that melts their stress and rewards their hard work.

As a special offer for our Absolutely Corporate clients leading up to Christmas 2015,  we can present your staff a free De-stress lunch time seminar by Certified Wellness and Executive Coach Gitana Gataveck, which covers:

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Your Complimentary TE Benefits from Your Amazing Brain 3.0

Total Executive have a variety of complimentary special offers from 'Your Amazing Brain 3.0'... see below

I use their system myself every week and have had substantial benefits.

Your Amazing Brain 3.0 is the next level in both personal development and breaking open your doors of possibility. The key to the next stage of development is creating connections - within yourself and between others. The real power of the individual is found in the power of becoming a connected individual. The isolated struggle for success can stimulate limiting beliefs and other barriers. There is so much more that can be achieved through connection.
Your Amazing Brain 3.0 offers the first month subscription free. As a special offer for Total Executive members, every subscriber can choose a free book, music CD or affirmation series - all unique products from Richard Hill. Watch the special video series at TE members who subscribe can simply choose a product from the subscription order page and receive a free download. To get your free product, simply send an email (after subscribing) with the product you choose to and quote the special code - TEgift.

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Elite Leadership Event - Place in your calendar now

Total Executive invite you to one of the most exclusive executive leadership events in 2016 - The Elite Leadership Event.

Keynote speakers include...

PAUL PARKER Manchester United and England Player (The importance of having the right people in the organisation) “Paul Parker is without a doubt one of the best signings I have made as a Manchester United manager, and was an integral part of the defence I consider to be best I have ever worked with” - Sir Alex Ferguson. Paul is an author, a Partner and Technical Director for Arsenal Soccer Schools and runs one of the most successful soccer competitions in Asia.

PAUL SMITH Ex Global Head of SCB and Mentor to Elite Athletes (Leadership and Dealing with Change) Paul smith is an expert in helping you create business strategies and processes that help run your business more effectively with more the 30 years’ experience in Leadership and management Paul has helped turn around companies from loss to huge profits. Paul coaches has coached and mentored some of the most elite athletes in Australia including Justin Langer ex Australian Cricketer.

GARETH BENSON Managing Director True Blue production (Vision and WHY?) Gareth was awarded Entourage’s Victorian Entrepreneur of the year for a multi-platform television pitch named TrueBlueTV1.

KERRY OSBORNE Managing Director Osborne Executive Services Highly strategic CEO, with a 23 years of improving business performance & visionary leadership across private and government sectors. Possesses great strengths in corporate, operational and financial management, whilst focusing on organisational improvement, frontline leadership and innovative solutions, ensuring key goals are met, then exceeded.


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Download your free Handbook on How to Deal with Difficult People courtesy of Rapid Insights

Total Executive have a complimentary handbook on "How to Deal with Difficult People"

Download the free handbook here

Then to learn more we recommend you attend the one day program.

Learn more and register via these links where we have special offers for multiple registrations:

Melbourne | Canberra | Parramatta | Adelaide | Brisbane



Do you know the 6 key methods for building your personal profile via LinkedIn?


What is your professional image? What makes you unique in the marketplace? Prospects, clients, colleagues and potential business partners are seeking you out and using LinkedIn to do it.

When they land on your profile page. Will they find information that supports who you are? If not, it is time to re-think how you are presenting your professional brand online.

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