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Your complimentary invitation to New Rules of Business events across Australasia

If you are a business owner or know someone thinking of getting into business, I highly recommend they attend one of these events...
Given you have a Total Executive membership you can also invite your colleagues, friends and peers to receive a complimentary invitation. Simply share this email with them.

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Which boards do you know are ready for fast change? - James Carlopio

Making Organisational Change Quickly

James Carlopio recently posted this insightful article on the Board Connector LinkedIn group

The worlds of information, technology and finance have changed the competitive landscape irreversibly. More people than ever before have quick access to information from around the world.

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Leadership – The Language Of A Leader Is ‘Truth’ - Stuart King

Stuart King recently published this article about leadership and culture on the Board Connector LinkedIn group
Culture is created through our leaders, their language and, the language of the tribes they live within.   The pathway to create and sustain preferred culture in the tribes where we work, live & love, is to support our leaders. Challenging them to greatness and encouraging them to understand that truth exists only in words. Leaders are the words they use. Just as culture is the words said within it and about it.

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5 Tips to Get More Content to Go Viral - Elad Guberman

Elad Guberman recently published this article on the Total Executive LinkedIn Group...

Going viral is such a huge goal for many brands. It is the dream result every time we hit the “post” button on our social media status updates. With billions of users online each day, the possibility is always there. Yet so many entrepreneurs never see more than a few hundred likes on their content. What is the key to getting your content to reach a larger number of people and “go viral?”

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7 Tips for Making Better Business Choices - Elad Guberman

Every single day we make many choices – here are 7 tips  that can assist us in making better ones

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