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Battling against employee suicides through Wellness

For more than a decade, Japan has consistently exceeded the 30,000 threshold of reported cases of suicides, most of them due to depression (a form of mental illness) triggered mostly by work-related stress & pressure. This makes Japan as one of the most suicidal nation amongst OECD countries. The question is, how can HR professionals become part of the solution in helping their organizations win this battle against employee suicides? Read on to learn more from Stephenie Overman, Author of Next-Generation Wellness at Work & Sr. Editor of The HR Agenda Magazine. Remember: "Health is Wealth."

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Michael Donovan - creating diversity and dynamics on boards

Learn about the importance of board diveristy in this short video with Michael...

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50 years of bringing brilliant ideas from lab to market

Hebrew University’s tech-transfer company, Yissum, partners with the likes of J&J, P&G, Merck, Roche, Novartis, Microsoft, Intel, Coca-Cola and Monsanto

The many groundbreaking products that came out of the labs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) – including the blockbuster drugs Exelon and Doxil, as well as the hardy cherry tomato – may never have moved from academia to market without Yissum Research Development Company, founded in February 1964 to protect and commercialize HUJI’s intellectual property.

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9 Revealing Inbound Marketing Insights From the U.K.

We discovered a whole lot of fascinating data on the state of inbound marketing in the U.K., which you can access in full by downloading the report. Impatient for nine of our most remarkable discoveries for the report? Check out the SlideShare below.

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Have you professionalised your profile and digital fingerprint?

Total Executive work with the leading copywriters, LinkedIn strategists and profile development professionals to improve the digital footprints of executives, business owners, professionals and directors.
View these profiles below to see how they improve over coming weeks with the support of Total Executive and Board Connector.

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