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How Managers Can Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest To Create Product Buzz

As product managers living and working in the 21st Century, we all know about the importance of social media. Many of us have probably already added these skills to our product manager resume. However, discovering just exactly how to make the best use of these new tools that allow us to get in contact with our customers is still something that we are all struggling with. What we need is some expert guidance on which social media tools we should be using and just exactly how to go about using them.


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The Top 10 tips for Making Money with Twitter

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Inadequate networking could make your cloud more of a hindrance than a help to next-generation data functionality

Don’t Skimp on Cloud Connectivity.

Enterprise executives have focused so intently on building and provisioning cloud infrastructure over the past year that a number of key details are in danger of being overlooked.

Leading the list is the issue of connectivity. With top providers offering ready-made cloud environments over the public internet, it is easy to forget that the smooth exchange of data between newly provisioned cloud resources and legacy data systems can be easily scotched by traffic spikes on shared networks.

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Top 10 Tips for making money on LinkedIn

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4 Ways To Simplify Your Next Negotiation

Let’s face it – with all of the different negotiation styles and negotiating techniques that we use, negotiations can become very complex if we are not careful. As a negotiator you should always be looking for ways to simplify the negotiating process. However, at the same time you need to make sure that you’ll be getting the best deal possible. Exactly how to balance these two goals is what the following four tips are designed to help you do…

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