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5 Networking Strategies costing you money...

A good way to get started is by learning from your mistakes…

How many of these five mistakes are YOU committing on your quest for more sales leads?

* You go to networking events “expecting” to find clients.
* You try to pass out as many business cards as possible at every opportunity.
* You don’t like to waste time with ‘chit chat’ and instead tell people about what you have to offer as soon as possible.
* You try to close the sale right then and there — after all, you may not have another opportunity.
* You follow up with everyone, making them an enticing offer they can’t refuse — and are puzzled that they decline anyway.

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Do you plan to exit your business at any stage?

Consider this:

  • Seventeen per cent (17%) of small business owners are planning to leave their business in the next two years; and
  • 40 per cent are aiming to leave in five years.

Whether you live in Australia, USA, Canada, NZ, the UK or South Africa the research is the same. There are a massive amount of business owners that will be looking to retire over the coming years.

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How to get your content shared via social media...

Your social media network may only be as good as the number of 'Likes' and 'Shares' you can get.

In April 2014, LinkedIn announced it had reached 300 million registered usersworldwide, with more than 5 million in Australia. Even if we assume that 40% to 50% of those users are not active, that's still an attractively sized network to be a part of.

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New security changes with LinkedIn

Given the recent news around high-profile account takeover attempts on other services, LinkedIn have worked hard behind the scenes to design 2 new tools to improve the safety, security and control of your LinkedIn account.

Their first update is designed to give every members the opportunity see all the data stored on their account, including your updates, activity, IP records, searches and so on …..

Unlike other platforms out there such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc., LinkedIn operates from a fundamental belief that any data you create within your account is yours and because of that you should have access to it at any given time.

To access your data, simply go to the “Privacy & User Settings” located in the dropdown menu at the top right hand corner of your profile.

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Are you an Apple, Samsung or Other fan?

Well if you choose Apple - here is the summary of where they are at with their latest releases...

What are your thoughts on these releases and the media that has followed?

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