ABOUT Total Executive

Total Executive provide professional services in 3 areas:

  1. People Development
  2. Communications Enhancement
  3. Office Management and Procurement Enhancement

Collaborating with product and service providers who are leaders in their fields, Total Executive consult with our clients before customising solutions to suit their requirements.

Where required, we include products and services from highly recommended providers who have been vetted for their level of service as leaders in their field.

View a small selection of vetted service providers we represent in the development of people here

The selection of providers we work with in the communications area are in the hundreds. Contact us to discuss.

Any medium to larger business can profit from more efficient procurement services we offer. Contact us to discuss.

Our providers focus on improving clients performance, productivity and profit. This is predominantly achieved through improving engagement and leadership of staff, though also incorporate many of the latest advances in technology, communications and procurement.

The clients serviced by our vetted providers are extensive. View a selection here

View a selection of client case studies and testimonials here

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Total Executive Media Representation:

To complement our services explained above, Total Executive have exclusive representation of an extensive selection of events, publications, communications and media projects available for sponsorship. To discuss further Contact Us

The Total Executive Community 

Total Executive support our clients with quality knowledge on a daily basis via our digital communications.

Our founder is Grant Crossley. Grant is Australia's leading publisher on Innovation - publishing Fast Thinking - 'How Innovation Works' taking it worldwide and producing many other publications about innovation. Grant has also more recently been CEO of The Creative Leadership Forum before founding Total Executive.

Over more than 30 years our extensive contact database of over 15,000 executives who receive Total Executive communications in Australasia has been built.

The future of Total Executive will represent us as a benevolent business which provides a responsible leadership platform whereby senior leaders from business, education, enterprise, government and not for profit organisations can communicate and learn via various forms of digital communication.

Commencing with a very simple design format, Total Executive will into the future utilise the skills of highly qualified designers, digital, editorial, journalist and web development staff alongside the skills of students who are building experience in these areas. The collaboration between the highly skilled and those on the cutting edge of new knowledge is expected to generate a great contrast.

If you know someone you recommend for contributions - contact us